A.   Upon determination that an application for a TNR permit is complete for processing, the director shall provide notice of the application and a ten (10) day comment period by first class mail to the owners of all property and residents within a one hundred fifty foot (150') radius of each proposed feeding location.
   B.   The notice shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
      1.   The locations of feeding devices;
      2.   The feeding hours; and
      3.   Contact information for the TNR partner and all affiliated feral cat caregivers, or the TNR individual.
   C.   Notice for feeding devices that are not separated by more than twenty five feet (25') from another feeding or trapping device may use a single notice, but which shall be mailed to all owners of properties and residents within the one hundred fifty foot (150') radius of any device.
   D.   During the ten (10) day comment period, interested parties may submit written comments to the director on whether the application meets the criteria of this article or may submit a written objection to the location of the feeder if it is proposed to be placed adjacent to their property. (Ord. 09-O-2568, eff. 10-16-2009)