For the purposes of this article, the words and phrases set forth in this section shall be construed as defined herein.
CAT: A member of the species Felis catus.
DIRECTOR: The director of community development or his/her designee.
FERAL CAT: A cat that lives permanently outside of a domestic home and is not owned and cared for as a typical companion animal or pet, as a result of having been born feral, abandoned by an owner, or rendered homeless, wild or stray by any other means.
FERAL CAT CAREGIVER: Any person who:
   A.   Feeds feral cats, humanely traps feral cats, provides care, including shelter or medical care, to the feral cats, or any combination of the foregoing activities, and works in cooperation with a TNR partner permitted by the city; and
   B.   Is registered with a permitted TNR partner and has proof of such registration.
FERAL CAT COLONY OR COLONY: A group of cats and the geographic location where that group typically live or where they forage or hunt for food, or are fed and generally cared for by a TNR partner by associated feral cat caregivers or by TNR individuals.
FOOD/FEEDING: "Food" as well as "feeding" includes water.
TNR INDIVIDUAL: A person who is permitted by the city to engage in implementing the TNR program regulations and guidelines on the property of their primary residence without being affiliated with a TNR partner.
TNR PARTNER: An organization permitted by the city to engage in implementing TNR via education, training, funding spay-neuter, providing traps, holding spay-neuter clinics, providing long term colony care through volunteers or otherwise implementing TNR.
TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN (Also Referred To As "TNR"): The practice whereby feral cats are humanely trapped by feral cat caregivers or TNR individuals, taken to a veterinary hospital or spay-neuter facility where they are sterilized and vaccinated, ear tipped, de-flead, and adopted or returned to their colony to be cared for until the end of their natural life.
TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN PROGRAM REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES OR TNR PROGRAM REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES: The rules adopted by the city council allowing permitted organizations or individuals to undertake TNR activities, which rules include standards of care and guidelines for implementation activities. (Ord. 09-O-2568, eff. 10-16-2009)