Article 1. General Restrictions And Prohibitions
5-2-101: Keeping Of Certain Animals, Fowl, And Reptiles Prohibited
5-2-102: Animals In Public Places
5-2-103: Special Permits
5-2-104: Feeding Pigeons And Other Birds Prohibited
5-2-105: Animal Defecation On Public And Certain Private Property
5-2-106: Dog Kennels Prohibited
5-2-107: Cat Kennels Prohibited
5-2-108: Rabbitry Prohibited
5-2-109: Keeping Bees Prohibited
5-2-110: Animal And Fowl Noise
5-2-111: Liability For Injury Or Damages
5-2-112: Interference With Law Enforcement Officers
5-2-113: Animals Infected With Rabies Or Hydrophobia
5-2-114: Delegation Of Licensing And Enforcement Functions
   Article 2. Other Regulations Pertaining To Dogs
5-2-201: Impounding Dogs At Large
5-2-202: Walking Dogs
   Article 3. Animal Control And Licensing Requirements
5-2-301: City Of Los Angeles Animal Control Ordinance Adoption
5-2-302: Animal Control Ordinance Amended
5-2-303: Violations; Penalty
5-2-304: Fees
   Article 4. Exemptions For Police Dogs
5-2-401: Provisions Exempted
   Article 5. Regulations Pertaining To Feral Cats
5-2-501: Trap-Neuter-Return Program Purpose And Applicability
5-2-502: Applicability Of Feral Cat TNR Program
5-2-503: Definitions
5-2-504: Feeding Of Feral Cats Prohibited; Exceptions
5-2-505: TNR Permit And Application Requirements
5-2-506: Notice And Comment Period; Feeding
5-2-507: Notice And Comment Period; Trapping
5-2-508: Determination On Permit
5-2-509: TNR Permit Conditions
5-2-510: Standards Of Care And Responsibilities Of TNR Partners, Feral Cat Caregivers, And TNR Individuals
5-2-511: Return Of Feral Cats
5-2-512: Feeding And Trapping Times
5-2-513: TNR Programs On Public Property; Restrictions
5-2-514: Request To Remove Feeders Or Traps Located On Public Or Private Property
5-2-515: Annual Permit Renewals
5-2-516: Permit Modifications
5-2-517: Enforcement
5-2-518: Prohibition Against Release
   Article 6. Ban On Onychectomy (Declawing)
5-2-601: Findings
5-2-602: Prohibited