A.   In addition to the rent otherwise permitted by this chapter, the landlord may pass through to the tenant of an apartment unit regulated by this chapter the cost of any refuse fee imposed by the City pursuant to a resolution or ordinance of the City Council.
   B.   In order to qualify for the pass through authorized by subsection A of this section, the landlord shall:
      1.   Provide written notice, by registered or certified mail, to all tenants thirty (30) days in advance of the imposition of the pass through, of the provisions of this section, that the pass through is not part of the base rent, that the refuse fee may be increased by the City, and any other information required to be given by the Rent Stabilization Office.
      2.   Provide all tenants with a copy of the landlord's utility bill which sets forth the appropriate refuse fee and the basis for the calculation of the pass through. (Ord. 91-O-2135, eff. 1-9-1992)