The duties of the City Attorney shall be those prescribed by the Charter of the city and other special duties as may be required by law. He or she shall attend City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment meetings and any other meetings as requested by the City Council or Mayor. The City Attorney shall advise the City Council, City Manager and other officers of the city as regards their official powers, duties and responsibilities. Upon request, the City Attorney shall represent the city in litigation in which the city is a party; prepare ordinances, resolutions and other necessary documents when directed by the City Council or other proper authority of the city, and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law, charter or ordinance. The City Attorney shall receive, as his or her salary, a reasonable sum as may be determined by the City Council.
(Prior Code, § 2-108) (Am. Ord. 1978, passed 9-16-19)
   City Attorney, see § 33.019