(A)   (1)   It shall be the duty of all property owners or occupants of premises within the city to keep the limbs of trees hanging or projecting over streets and sidewalks, trimmed to a height that they will not interfere with vehicles, pedestrians or other use of the streets or sidewalks.
      (2)   In any event, no tree limbs hanging or projecting over a sidewalk shall be less than 8 feet, and over a street no less than 12 feet.
(Prior Code, § 15-503)
   (B)   If any owner or occupant of the premises in the city fails to keep shrubs, hedges, natural growth or trees trimmed, as required in § 92.21 and division (A) above, the Street Superintendent may cause the hedges, shrubbery, natural growth and trees to be so trimmed to conform to the requirements of the chapter and to assess the cost thereof against the owner or occupant of the premises. (Prior Code, § 15-504)
Statutory reference:
   Obstructions, encroachments in streets, see 11 O.S. §§ 36-107 and 36-108