(A)   (1)   If the Chief finds, in a building or upon any premises, any combustible or explosive material, rubbish, rags, waste, oils, gasoline or inflammable conditions of any kind, dangerous to the safety of buildings or property, he or she shall order the materials removed or condition remedied.  The order shall be made against the owner, lessee, agent or occupant of the building or premises, and thereupon, the order shall be complied with in the time fixed in the order.
      (2)   If the owner, lessee, agent or occupant deems himself or herself aggrieved by the order and desires a hearing, he or she may complain or appeal to the State Fire Marshal within three days from the service of the order, and thereafter all proceedings shall be as provided by state law.
   (B)   It is unlawful and an offense for any owner, lessee, agent or occupant to fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the order unless the complaint is made or appeal taken, as above provided.
(Prior Code, § 14-134)  Penalty, see § 10.99