(A)   The plant manager may assess the liability of any polluter or violator for damages to the city resulting from any person's or industrial user's pollution or violation, failure or neglect in complying with any permits or orders issued pursuant to the provisions of the pretreatment program or this subchapter.
   (B)   If an appeal from the assessment is not made to the Board by the polluter or violator within 30 days of notification of the assessment, he or she shall be deemed to have consented to the assessment and it shall become final.
   (C)   Damages may include any expenses incurred in investigating and enforcing the pretreatment program or the provisions of this subchapter, in removing, correcting and terminating any pollution, and also compensation for any actual damages caused by the pollution or violation.
   (D)   (1)   Whenever any assessment has become final because of a person's failure to appeal within the time provided, the plant manager may apply to the appropriate court for a judgment, and seek execution on the judgment.
      (2)   The court, in the proceedings, shall treat the failure to appeal the assessment as a confession of judgment in the amount of the assessment.
(Prior Code, § 17-455) (Ord. 1505, passed 7-6-93)