(A)   All users or prospective users which generate domestic or non-domestic wastewater shall make application to the plant manager for written authorization to discharge to the municipal wastewater treatment system. The application shall be in a form and require information about the user as the plant manager may prescribe. Applications shall be required from all new dischargers as well as for any existing discharger desiring additional service. Connection to the municipal sewer shall not be made until the application is received and approved by the plant manager and the building sewer is installed in accordance with § 53.004 and an inspection has been performed by the proper city official.
   (B)   The receipt by the city of a prospective customer's application for service shall not obligate the city to render the service. If the service applied for cannot be supplied in accordance with the chapter and the city's rules and regulations and general practice, the application shall be rejected, and there shall be no liability of the city to the applicant for the service, except that conditional waivers for additional services may be granted by the plant manager for interim periods if compliance may be assured within a reasonable period of time.
(Prior Code, § 17-410) (Ord. 1505, passed 7-6-93)