(A)   No person, firm, association or corporation shall clean out, drain or flush any septic tank or any other type of wastewater or excreta disposal system unless the person, firm, association or corporation obtains a permit from the plant manager to perform the acts or services. Any person, firm, association or corporation desiring a permit to perform the services shall file an application on the prescribed form. Upon any application, the permit shall be issued by the plant manager when the conditions of this division have been met, and providing the plant manager is satisfied the applicant has adequate and proper equipment to perform the services contemplated in a safe and competent manner.
   (B)   For each permit issued under the provisions of this division, an annual permit charge therefor shall be paid to the city. The applicable fee schedule shall be adopted by the City Council by resolution.
   (C)   The plant manager shall designate approved locations for the emptying and cleansing of all equipment used in the performance of the services rendered under the permit herein provided for, and it shall be a violation hereof for any person, firm, association or corporation to empty or clean the equipment at any place other than a place so designated.
   (D)   Failure to comply with all provisions of this chapter shall be sufficient cause for the revocation of the permit by the plant manager.
(Prior Code, § 17-405) (Ord. 1505, passed 7-6-93) Penalty, see § 10.99