(A)   A farmers’ market license or special event license may be issued for a local farmers’ market or special event operated by a not-for-profit organization, or a city-licensed business with a physical location in the city, which business or organization agrees in writing to be responsible for co-ordination of the market/event and agrees to require that each vendor in the market obtain a sales tax permit and furnish proof of such permits to the city at the time of issuance of the license for the special event. A single license may be issued for the special event or farmers’ market which covers all vendors located at the event as approved by the sponsor. The fee for each farmers’ market or special event paid by the sponsor shall initially be $10 per special event, provided that the City Council may amend the fee in the future by resolution duly adopted.
   (B)   A special event license or farmers’ market license shall not authorize vendors to establish a temporary vendor location as described in division (A), but is rather intended to provide for periodic special events and periodic farmers’ market vendors.
(Ord. 1929, passed 4-4-17)