(A)   In cases where forensic science or laboratory analysis services of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation or other laboratory are used, then a Forensic Science and Laboratory Analysis fee of $150 shall be assessed and collected, which shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any and all other fines or costs provided herein.
   (B)   For citizen-initiated complaints alleging violations of the code of ordinances a sworn complaint shall be signed by the complainant alleging the facts of the violation and a statement of the ordinance allegedly violated. Such complaints may be verified by a city police officer, Court Clerk, Judge or Notary. Signing of the verified complaint by the complainant shall constitute a promise to appear on the scheduled court date to participate in the prosecution of the violation. A court cost deposit of $30 shall be paid to the Court Clerk at the time of filing the verified complaint form with the Court Clerk unless payment is excused by the Court. Upon the appearance by the complainant on the designated court date the deposit shall be refunded by the Court Clerk to the person paying the deposit. No deposit will be required where the defendant named in the complaint is arrested for the alleged offense prior to its filing with the Court Clerk.
(Prior Code, § 7-133) (Ord. 1391, passed 12-16-86; Am. Ord. 1462, passed 7-3-90; Am. Ord. 1600, passed 10-6-98; Am. Ord. 1645, passed 10-3-00; Am. Ord. 1657, passed 8-7-01; Am. Ord. 1728, passed 6-15-04; Am. Ord. 1736, passed 11-2-04; Am. Ord. 1814, passed 1-6-09; Am. Ord. 1973, passed 7-2-19; Am. Ord. 1984, passed 12-3-19)
Statutory reference:
   Revised CLEET Assessment, see 20 O.S. § 1313.2