§ 37.27 FUND.
   (A)   A fund is hereby provided for the exclusive use and benefit of the persons entitled to benefits under the system. All contributions to the fund shall be paid over to and received in trust for the purpose by the City. The fund shall be pooled for purposes of management and investment with similar funds of other incorporated cities, towns, and municipal trusts in the state as a part of the State Municipal Retirement Fund, in accordance with the trust agreement of the State Municipal Retirement Fund, a public trust.
   (B)   (1)   The city shall hold the contributions in the form received, and from time to time pay over and transfer the same to the State Municipal Retirement Fund, as duly authorized and directed by the Board of Trustees.
      (2)   The fund shall be non-fiscal and shall not be considered in computing any levy when the annual estimate is made to the County Excise Board.
(Prior Code, § 2-3030) (Am. Ord. 1844, passed 11-16-10; Am. Ord. 1886, passed 12-16-14; Am. Ord. 1902, passed 6-2-15; Am. Ord. 1982, passed 10-7-19; Am. Ord. 1983, passed 10-7-19)