§ 37.07 HOLIDAYS.
   (A)   All employees of the city, except shift personnel of the Police and Fire Departments, shall observe the following holidays:
      (1)   New Year's Day;
      (2)   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
      (3)   President's Day;
      (4)   Good Friday;
      (5)   Memorial Day;
      (6)   Independence Day;
      (7)   Labor Day;
      (8)   Veteran's Day;
      (9)   Thanksgiving Day;
      (10)   The Day after Thanksgiving;
      (11)   Christmas Eve;
      (12)   Christmas Day; and
      (13)   A floating holiday to be taken at the employee's request and subject to approval of the Department Director, on either the employee's birthday, or at a time approved in advance.
   (B)   The holidays identified in division (A) shall be administered as follows:
      (1)   If any of the holidays fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be a holiday in that year. If any holiday falls on Sunday, the succeeding Monday shall be a holiday in that year.
      (2)   If, in the opinion of the City Manager, it becomes necessary for an employee to work on a scheduled holiday, then the City Manager shall authorize holiday leave to be taken on some other day, or may, in his or her discretion, compensate the employee in time or pay for the holiday so worked.
      (3)   The City Manager shall administer the floating holiday so that all city buildings and facilities remain open and with minimum interference to normal operations.
      (4)   Police and Fire Department shift personnel shall be granted time off or paid for holidays as set forth in their respective Collective Bargaining Agreements.
      (5)   Accumulation of holidays shall not be permitted.
(Prior Code, § 2-208) (Ord. 1333, passed 6-18-85; Am. Ord. 1480, passed 10-15-91; Am. Ord. 1779, passed 1-4-07; Am. Ord. 1838, passed 4-6-10; Am. Ord. 1969, passed 2-19-19)
Statutory reference:
   State holidays, see 25 O.S. §§ 82.1 and 82.2