(A)   Each employee shall accrue 3.693 hours of sick leave per payroll period. Sick leave allowance may be used only by an employee when incapacitated to perform his or her duties due to a non-work related sickness or injury, or in the event of a serious illness or death in the employee's immediate family.
   (B)   Sick leave is not to be taken until the initial six months of service has been completed. The leave balance at the time shall be credited retroactively.
   (C)   Sick leave may accumulate for a total of not more than 120 days. (Ord. 1294, passed 6-19-84)
   (D)   No terminal pay shall be authorized for unused sick leave for terminating employees. Upon
retirement, employees may convert sick leave which has accumulated over 680 hours to pay at the ratio of two hours sick leave to one hour pay. Maximum amount of hours paid shall not exceed 140 hours. (Ord. 1294, passed 6-19-84; Am. Ord. 1777, passed 12-19-06)
   (E)   Employees who are absent due to unconfirmed illness may be required by the department head or City Manager to submit a physician's statement.
   (F)   Department heads are authorized to make any investigation of benefits claimed under this rule, which they deem necessary, and to disapprove any claims not properly substantiated.
   (G)   The City Manager is authorized to conduct the investigations and inquiries to determine whether the employee meets the physical standards necessary for the proper performance of his or her duties. Likewise, evidence of malingering or the abuse of this benefit will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including discharge from employment.
   (H)   Fire Department personnel working on the platoon system will be charged two days sick leave from their sick leave records for each shift absent from work for the reason of sickness.
   (I)   In the event an employee suffers a catastrophic off-duty injury or illness and has expended all available paid time off and further faces entering into a “leave without pay” status, employees may voluntarily donate a maximum of 24 hours per pay period of their accrued vacation and/or earned compensatory time to the employee so affected. The affected employee may not receive in excess of 80 hours per pay period. Fire Department employees working on the platoon system may not receive in excess of 112 hours per pay period.
(Prior Code, § 2-206) (Ord. 1333, passed 6-18-85; Am. Ord. 1698, passed 6-17-03; Am. Ord. 1777, passed 12-19-06)