(A)   Wages and salaries for various positions shall be in accordance with the provisions established by the City Council, including amendments thereto, and within the limitations of the financial provision for each department as approved by the City Manager for each fiscal year.
   (B)   Overtime work will be performed only on authorization of the City Manager to the extent necessary to meet essential operating requirements. For purposes of determining whether overtime is due, only those hours actually worked shall be counted. The rate of pay for overtime, when due, shall not exceed one and one-half times the hourly rate of pay.
   (C)   Department heads and other executive, administrative, supervisory and professional personnel are expected to work for the number of hours necessary to properly perform the duties assigned. The salaries of each group are determined and established in accordance with this assumption.
   (D)   Part-time employees shall be paid on an hourly rate to be approved by the City Manager.
(Prior Code, § 2-204) (Ord. 1333, passed 6-18-85)