The Mayor or the Director of Civil Defense, as the case may be, shall have the following powers:
   (A)   To formulate written plans, orders, rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this chapter and to amend or rescind same;
   (B)   To integrate and coordinate all plans with the plans and program of the federal government, the state and other public and private agencies and organizations empowered to act in emergencies;
   (C)   To establish a public warning system;
   (D)   To establish and carry out recruitment and training programs as may be necessary to develop an adequate, qualified civil defense volunteer corps;
   (E)   To enter into mutual aid arrangements with surrounding communities, subject to the approval of the City Council;
   (F)   To accept from the federal government or the state government or any person, firm or organization, any loan or grant of service, equipment, supplies, materials or funds for the purpose of civil defense, subject to the terms of the offer and the rules and regulations, if any, of the agency making the offer; and
   (G)   To call residents of the city into active duty to serve as auxiliary police, rescue and fire personnel with the same authority as the regular city employees in those capacities, respectively.
(Prior Code, § 14-311)