The by-laws of the Department shall include the following:
   (A)   All new members shall be on probation for one year after their appointments.
   (B)   All volunteer firefighters are required, when notified, to respond to alarms of fire and other emergencies.
   (C)   A volunteer firefighter is required to be present at all regular meetings, call meetings and schools presented for the benefit of the firefighters.
   (D)   Any volunteer firefighter having two unexcused absences in succession or three unexcused absences in a period of three months will be dropped from the Fire Department rolls.
   (E)   Volunteer firefighters leaving the city for an extended period of time will be required to notify the Chief.
   (F)   Any volunteer member of the Fire Department shall be dropped from the rolls for the following offenses:
      (1)   Conduct unbecoming a firefighter;
      (2)   Any act of insubordination;
      (3)   Neglect of duty;
      (4)   Any violation of rules and regulations governing the Fire Department; or
      (5)   Conviction of a felony.
(Prior Code, § 14-125)