(A)   No juror or person drawn or summoned as a juror in the Municipal Court shall either make any promise or agreement to give a verdict for or against the city, permit any communication to be made to him or her or receive any book, paper, instruments or information relative to any cause pending before him or her, except in the regular course of proceedings and the trial of the case.
   (B)   No juror summoned by the Court shall ask, receive or agree to receive any bribe upon any understanding concerning his or her vote or decision upon any case in which he or she may be selected as a juror in the Court.
   (C)   No person shall attempt to influence a juror summoned to appear in the Court, or any person summoned as a juror in respect to his or her verdict, either by means of communication, oral or written, except in the regular course of proceedings; by means of any books, paper or instruments exhibited otherwise than in the regular course of proceeding; by any means of threat or intimidation; by means of any assurance, promise of any pecuniary or other advantage; or by communicating any statement, argument or observation relating to the case.
(Prior Code, § 7-309) (Ord. 1624, passed 11-16-99)