(A)   Pursuant to the provisions of the Bethany City Charter there is hereby created the Marshal Division of the Municipal Court of Bethany. The City Manager, with the concurrence of the Chief of Police, shall appoint Court Marshal(s), who shall attend the proceedings while the Court is in session and who shall execute writs, orders, and processes of the Court. The City Marshal shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Municipal Court Clerk. The Marshal shall be appointed by the City Manager and subject to the personnel rules and policy generally applicable to the other city's employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements.
   (B)   For the purposes of the performance of duties under this section and serving and executing writs, orders, warrants and processes, the Court Marshal(s) shall have the authority equivalent to that of officers of the Bethany Police Department.
   (C)   Any person appointed to the position of Marshal shall be a CLEET certified for law enforcement.
   (D)   The Marshal position shall be under the supervision of the Department Head of the Municipal Court and subject to direction by the Municipal Judge.
   (E)   In the absence of a Marshal, the Chief of Police or other designated police officer of the municipality will be ex officio marshal of the court. The Marshal will execute any writs and other process directed to him and such duty may be performed by any deputy marshal or by any members of the police force of the municipality, as the case may be.
   (F)   The Marshal shall be subject to the pay plan and benefits accorded to the city's employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements.
(Am. Ord. 1907, passed 10-6-15)