(A)   (1)   The penal ordinances of the city shall be compiled and published in permanent form, either published or typed, periodically, but not less than once every ten years. Any supplements shall be published on at least a biennial basis.
      (2)   No penal ordinance shall be enforced unless it is reflected in a permanent volume or supplement if the ordinance was adopted more than one year before the latest compilation or supplement.
   (B)   When the municipality has compiled and published its permanent volume or biennial supplement of penal ordinances, the City Council shall adopt a resolution notifying the public of the publication. A copy of the resolution shall be filed in the office the County Clerk and in the office of the Clerk of the State Supreme Court. A copy of the permanent volume and each biennial supplement shall be deposited free of cost by the municipality in the following manner:
      (1)   One copy shall be deposited in the County Law Library; and
      (2)   Two copies shall be deposited with the Clerk of the State Supreme Court.
   (C)   The permanent volume or biennial supplement of compiled penal ordinances shall be available for purchase by the public through the office of the City Clerk at a price equal to the cost of publication, plus any postal and handling charges, plus a clerical fee.
(Prior Code, § 7-102)
Statutory reference:
   Codification and filing of city ordinances, see 11 O.S. §§ 14-108 to 14-111