(A)   All officers, employees and agents of the city identified as having access to Social Security numbers in the course of performing their duties to be trained to protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers.  Training shall include instructions on the proper handling of information that contains Social Security numbers from the time of collection through the destruction of the information.
   (B)   Only employees who are required to use or handle information or documents that contain Social Security numbers have access to such information or documents.
   (C)   Social Security numbers requested from an individual shall be provided in a manner that makes the Social Security number easily redacted if required to be released as part of a public records request.
   (D)   When collecting a Social Security number or upon request by the individual, a statement of the purpose or purposes for which the city is collecting and using the Social Security number be provided.
   (E)   A written copy of this privacy policy and any amendment thereto, shall be filed with the City Council within 30 days after approval of this policy or any amendment thereto.
   (F)   The city shall advise its employees of the existence of the policy and make a copy of the policy available to each employee, and shall also make this privacy policy available to any member of the public, upon request.  If the city amends this privacy policy, then the city shall also advise its employees of the existence of the amended policy and make a copy of the amended policy available to each employee.
(Ord. 10-44, passed 7-13-2010)