In all cases in which:
   (A)   A house or building has been removed before the effective date hereof;
   (B)   A house or building is torn down or demolished pursuant to order of the state’s Fire Marshal or one of his or her assistants or the Sheriff of the county or the Chief of the Fire Department as provided by state law or as provided in this subchapter, and in which any of the following conditions exist:
      (1)   The premises have not been cleaned up;
      (2)   The premises are cleaned up, and all lumber, brick, concrete, cement, plaster, nails, wire and other materials have not been removed;
      (3)   The materials are removed, but the cellar space and excavations have not been filled;
      (4)   A cistern or well has not been filled or safely and securely closed and all openings to sanitary sewer have not been plugged to meet the requirements of the administrative officer and securely closed; and
      (5)   The lot or lots have not been leveled and left entirely free from trash or the same be not immediately done, then the owner or owners of the lot or lots and the person, firm or corporation who tore down the house or building shall immediately comply with the provisions of this subchapter by having all of the above mentioned conditions abated.
(Prior Code, § 4-5-4)