(A)   Any person desiring to engage in the occupations herein sought to be regulated shall, before engaging in that occupation in the city, apply to the Clerk-Treasurer for a certificate of registration. The application for a certificate shall be made on a form to be provided by the Clerk-Treasurer, which shall require that the applicant shall give the following information:
      (1)   Name, age, sex, height, weight, color of hair of applicant.
      (2)   Permanent home address and local address of applicant.
      (3)   The name and address of the employer or the name and address of person, firm, or corporation furnishing the goods, wares and merchandise sought to be sold.
      (4)   The period of time that solicitation is to be undertaken. (Not less than one week nor more than six months time to elapse prior to the time of solicitation.)
      (5)   Approval of the Chief of Police.   
      (6)   Business and bank references for the applicant and the firm he seeks to represent, in whatever capacity.
(`84 Code, § 4-11(e))
   (B)   The applicant shall reimburse the city for the cost incurred in the investigation of the applicant's application, not to exceed the sum of $10.
(`84 Code, § 4-11(g))  (Ord. 83, passed 11-23-59)  Penalty, see § 10.99