A.   Territorial Application: This title shall apply to all land, structures, and uses within the corporate limits of the village.
   B.   General Application:
      1.   All structures erected hereafter, all uses of land or structures established hereafter, all structural alterations or relocations of existing structures occurring hereafter, and all enlargements and extensions of, additions to, changes in, and relocations of existing uses occurring hereafter shall be subject to all regulations of this title applicable to the zoning districts in which such land, structures, or uses are located.
      2.   Existing structures and uses that do not comply with regulations of this title shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 14 of this title relating to nonconformities.
   C.   General Prohibition:
      1.   No structure, no use of any structure or land, and no lot of record or zoning lot, now or hereafter existing, shall be established, enlarged, extended, altered, moved, divided, or maintained in any manner contrary to the provisions and regulations of this title.
      2.   Without limiting the foregoing, any such activity that would cause any existing structure not to comply with this title or that would create any parcel of land that could not be developed in compliance with this title shall be prohibited.
   D.   Principal Uses And Structures In Residential Districts: No zoning lot zoned in any residential district in the village shall be used for more than one principal use or one principal structure.
   E.   Exempt Uses:
      1.   Utility Lines: The following utility uses are exempt from the provisions of this title: poles, wires, cables, conduits, vaults, laterals, pipes, mains, and valves, but not including substations located on or above the surface of the ground, for the distribution to consumers of telephone, cable television or other communications, electricity, gas or water, or for the collection of sewage or surface water. All such uses shall, however, comply with the subdivision and other applicable ordinances of the village.
      2.   Railroad Uses:
         a.   All railroad rights of way used for railroad purposes, trackage, and passenger stations existing on the effective date of this title shall be exempt from its provisions.
         b.   Any other railroad facilities or uses, or any change of such existing facilities or uses, shall be subject to all of the provisions of this title.
   F.   Private Agreements: This title is not intended to abrogate, annul, or otherwise interfere with any platted building line, easement, covenant, or other private agreement or legal relations; provided, however, that where the regulations of this title are more restrictive or impose higher standards or requirements than such platted building line, easement, covenant, or other private agreement or legal relationship, the regulations of this title shall apply. (2005 Zoning Code)