The provisions of this title are adopted pursuant to the village's home rule authority under section 6(a) of article VII of the constitution of the state of Illinois (1970), and the authority granted to the village by the Illinois municipal code 1 , for the following purposes:
   A.   Overall Purpose: To maintain Berkeley as a residential suburb by preserving and enhancing aesthetic values of a village comprised principally of well maintained single-family residential neighborhoods and small business areas oriented to serve the needs of local residents.
   B.   Purposes Related To Land Use Patterns: The purposes of this title related to land use patterns are:
      1.   Implement the goals and policies of the village official comprehensive plan; and
      2.   Facilitate the redevelopment of properties within the village in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives of the village comprehensive plan; and
      3.   Encourage and promote detached single-family homes as the principal land use in the village; and
      4.   Secure adequate natural light, clean air, privacy, a safe environment, and convenience of access to property; and
      5.   Promote and protect the public health, safety, morals, and the general welfare of the village; and
      6.   Encourage and enhance the preservation of natural resources, aesthetic amenities, and natural features; and
      7.   Establish a rational pattern of land uses and encourage the most appropriate use of individual parcels of land in the village; and
      8.   Encourage compatibility between different land uses; and
      9.   Protect the scale and character of the existing areas of the village from the encroachment of incompatible uses; and
      10.   Limit the bulk and density of new and existing structures to preserve the existing scale of development in the village; and
      11.   Provide for the gradual elimination of nonconforming uses that adversely affect the character and value of permitted development.
   C.   Purposes Related To Public Infrastructure: The purposes of this title related to public infrastructure are:
      1.   Facilitate the most efficient use of existing and planned public facilities and utilities; and
      2.   Protect existing public facilities and utilities from being overloaded due to excess development; and
      3.   Protect and enhance a pattern of interconnected streets and highways that is unified, integrated, safe, effective, and efficient; and
      4.   Protect residential streets from degradation by nonresidential traffic; and
      5.   Reduce congestion and promote safety on streets and highways by limiting traffic generation through the control of land use intensity; and
      6.   Avoid or lessen the hazards of flooding and stormwater accumulation and runoff; and
      7.   Establish and regulate setback lines along streets and highways, property lines, and storm floodwater runoff channels or basins.
   D.   Purposes Related To Expectations And Taxable Value: The purposes of this title related to justifiable expectations and taxable value are:
      1.   Protect and respect the justifiable reliance of existing residents, business owners, and taxpayers on the continuation of existing, established land use patterns; and
      2.   Protect and enhance the taxable value of land and buildings.
   E.   Purposes Related To Administration: The purposes of this title related to administration are:
      1.   Define the powers and duties of administrative officers and bodies necessary to administer this title; and
      2.   Establish procedures for the efficient and effective use of the provisions of this title; and
      3.   Establish standards for the review of applications filed pursuant to this title; and
      4.   Prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this title. (2005 Zoning Code)



1. 65 ILCS 5/11-13-1 et seq.