A.   The board shall appoint all officers and members of the fire department and police department; except, that the chief of police and the chief of the fire department shall be appointed by the village president, with the consent of the board of trustees, and deputy chiefs, commanders and part time employees shall be appointed as provided in this code.
   B.   The board shall conduct and hold examinations for original appointment and promotion examinations for the police and fire departments as provided by law.
   C.   The board shall issue certificates of appointment as provided by law. (2016 Code)
   D.   The board shall have the authority to establish rules for a second register of eligibles for the hiring of "lateral transfer applicants" who have been certified as having successfully completed the basic law enforcement course as required by the Illinois law enforcement training and standards board and may be given preference in appointment over noncertified applicants on the register of eligibles maintained for police officer applicants, and further shall have the authority to exempt lateral transfer applicants from any written testing requirements for original appointments under its rules and regulations. (Ord. 15-56, 10-20-2015)