A.   The board shall make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to provide for the appointment, promotion, suspension and removal of the members of the police and fire departments and from time to time may make such changes in the rules and regulations as may be required.
   B.   The rules and changes therein shall be printed immediately for distribution. The board shall give notice: 1) of the places where the printed rules may be obtained; and 2) of the date, not less than ten (10) days subsequent to the time of publication, when the rules or changes therein shall go into operation. This notice shall be published in one or more newspapers with a general circulation in the village.
   C.   The rules of the board shall apply only to the conduct of examinations for original appointments, for promotions, and to the conduct of hearings on charges brought against a member of the police or fire department. No such rules shall be made by the board to govern the operation of the police or fire department, or the conduct of its members. (2016 Code)