A.   Installation:
      1.   Responsibility For Installation; Supervision: All service pipes from the mains to the premises to be served shall be installed by and at the cost of the owner of the property involved or the applicant for the service. Installation shall be under the supervision of the plumbing inspector. (1976 Code § 13.20.010)
      2.   Compliance With Specifications: No service pipe shall be installed unless it conforms to specifications contained in subsections B through E3 of this section. (1976 Code § 13.20.020)
   B.   Repairs; Liability:
      1.   All repairs on service pipes and the plumbing systems of buildings shall be made by and at the expense of the owners of the premises served; except, that meters shall be repaired only by the village.
      2.   The village may, in case of emergency, repair any service pipe, and if this is done, the cost of such repair work shall be repaid to the village by the owner of the premises served.
      3.   The superintendent of public works shall shut off the water to allow repairs to be made whenever notice is given that such repairs are contemplated. (1976 Code § 13.20.030)
      4.   The village shall not be liable for any damage caused by a leak or break in any service pipe or for damage caused by a failure to repair the same promptly; nor shall the village be liable for any damage caused by the repair or installation of such pipes or resulting damage therefrom when such work is not done by the village. (1976 Code § 13.20.060; amd. 2016 Code)
      5.   Any repairs to the water service system, including the water main and lateral service to the buffalo box water shutoff mechanism, shall be at the sole cost and expense and the responsibility of the village. All repairs necessitated by damage from the buffalo box to and including the private property of the owner shall be at the sole cost and expense and responsibility of the property owner. (1976 Code §§ 13.20.060, 13.32.030)
      6.   Any repairs necessitated by damage to the sanitary sewer pipe between the main and the private property of the property owner shall be at the sole cost and expense and responsibility of the property owner. Any repairs necessitated by damage to the sanitary sewer pipe main shall be at the sole cost and expense and responsibility of the village. (1976 Code § 13.20.060)
   C.   Excavations: Excavations made for installing service pipes or repairing the same shall be made in compliance with the provisions relating to making excavations in streets contained in title 8, chapter 1 of this code. (1976 Code § 13.20.040)
   D.   Shutoff Boxes: Shutoff or service boxes shall be placed on every service pipe and shall be located between the curb line and the sidewalk line where this is practicable. Such boxes shall be so located that they are easily accessible and shall be protected from frost. (1976 Code § 13.20.050)
   E.   Connection, Installation And Pipe Specifications:
      1.   Service Cocks And Ferrules: No person except those authorized by this title shall be permitted, under any circumstances, to tap any street main or insert stopcocks or ferrules therein. All service cocks or ferrules must be inserted at or near the top of the street main, and not in any case nearer than twelve inches (12") from the bell of the pipe. The size of the cock to be inserted shall be that specified in the permit. (1976 Code § 13.20.070)
      2.   Pipe Specifications:
         a.   Pipe specifications shall be as provided in this code or as contained in the 2014 edition of the "Standard Specifications For Water-Sewer Main Construction In Illinois", prepared by the Illinois Society Of Professional Engineers and approved by the superintendent of public works. (1976 Code § 13.20.080; amd. Ord. 08-06, 2-19-2008; 2016 Code)
         b.   No pipe shall be used for the purpose of street service of a different material or size than that specified in this section except by special permit issued by the superintendent of public works. (1976 Code § 13.20.080; amd. 2016 Code)
      3.   Laying Pipe: All service pipes leading from street mains to the building line shall, as far as practicable, be laid in the ground to a depth of not less than five feet (5'), and every such pipe shall be laid in such manner and be of such surplus length as to prevent breakage or rupture by settlement. All joints in such pipes shall be of the kind termed "plumber" or "wiped joints". The connections of pipe by the so called "cup joint" is prohibited. (1976 Code § 13.20.090)
      4.   Roundway Cocks:
         a.   Every service pipe shall be provided with a roundway cock for each consumer, easily accessible, placed beyond damage by frost, and so situated that the water can be conveniently shut off.
         b.   Such roundway cocks, unless otherwise specially permitted, shall be connected to service pipes within the sidewalks at or near the curb line of the same, and be enclosed in and protected by a cast iron box with a cover having the letter "W" of suitable size cast thereon. Such iron box shall be of proper size to admit a stop key for operating the service cock.
         c.   Whenever two (2) or more distinct buildings or premises are to be supplied by means of branch or subbranch pipes supplied by a single tap in the street main, each branch shall be independently arranged with service cock and box on the curb line in the manner described above. All cocks used at the sidewalks by plumbers shall be of the kind known as "round waterway". (1976 Code § 13.20.100)