A.   Use Permit Required; Occupancy Limited: It is unlawful to occupy with building materials any street or any part thereof without first having had or obtained the written permission of the building official, and in no event shall any part of any street, other than that immediately in front of the lot or land on which the building is being erected or work done, be occupied nor shall more than one-third (1/3) of the street, from the curb line, be occupied.
   B.   Bond: A bond shall be filed, with sureties to be approved by the village board, to indemnify the village from any loss or liability which may arise because of such use of the streets. (1976 Code § 12.16.120)
   C.   Compliance With Village Provisions; Supervision: Such permit to occupy any public street for private use in connection with actual building operations is subject to the provisions of all ordinances of the village and to the supervision and direction of the superintendent of public works. (1976 Code § 12.16.120; amd. 2016 Code)
   D.   Warnings And Lights: Proper warnings and lights shall be maintained on any material so stored to prevent injury to any person or property. (1976 Code § 12.16.120)
   E.   Dumpsters; Permit Required: A permit is required prior to the placement and use of dumpsters for building construction on any public way for a time period to be determined by the superintendent of public works. (Ord. 02-63, 12-17-2002; amd. 2016 Code)