A.   It shall be the duty of any person conducting a licensed commercial establishment or activity in the village to keep his license displayed at all times in a prominent place on the premises, machine, or vehicle used for such commercial establishment or activity.
   B.   No person shall destroy, obliterate, take, remove, or carry away without the consent of the owner any license, certificate, plate, or sticker which has been discontinued or the licensed premises has been abandoned. Nothing herein shall prevent the village clerk or his or her duly authorized representative from removing any license, certificate, plate, or sticker from the possession of a former licensee, the premises, any vehicle, or any machine when said license has been revoked under the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   In addition to the posting of licenses, unattended service oriented businesses, such as coin operated laundries and car washes, are required to display a sign that properly informs their customers of the appropriate telephone number to contact in case of emergency situations. The sign displaying the telephone number shall be conspicuous, unobstructed, permanent in nature, and contained in a heavy plastic type framing device securely mounted to the wall. (2016 Code)