A.   Established: License fees shall be as established in the annual fee schedule, as amended, adopted by the village board.
   B.   Payment Of Fees: In the absence of provisions to the contrary, all fees and charges for licenses shall be paid in advance at the time of application.
   C.   Disposition Of Fees: Except as otherwise provided, all license fees shall become a part of the general corporate fund to reimburse the fund for the costs incurred in investigations and processing applications for the licenses required herein and for the costs of regulating the subject businesses. In no event shall any rebate or refund be made of any license fee, or part thereof, by reason of death or departure of the licensee; nor shall any rebate or refund be made by reason of nonuse of the license or discontinuance of the operation or conduct of the licensed establishment, business, or activity. (2016 Code)