The annual budget proposal shall provide a complete program and financial plan for all funds for the budget year. It shall contain:
   (A)   A budget message, as specified in KRS 91A.030(7).
   (B)   A budget summary, as specified in § 24.303, supported by:
      (1)   An estimate of fund balance carry-forward, as specified in § 24.304;
      (2)   The amount of fund balance carry-forward not available for budgetary purpose due to fund balance reserve policies, as specified in § 24.305;
      (3)   An estimate of all anticipated revenues of the city compared to the previous years, as specified in § 24.306;
      (4)   Proposed expenditures compared to previous years, as specified in § 24.307; and
      (5)   An estimate of anticipated transfers, as specified in § 24.308.
(Ord. No. 06-18, § 1, 5-1-18)