(A)   Upon the final approval by the fire chief of an application for a certificate of hazardous transport, the shipper shall pay a fee in an amount to be determined by the council in consultation with the appropriate governmental agencies. The mayor may recommend a proposed fee.
   (B)   The fee shall reflect the relative hazard and potential risk to the public health and safety of the hazardous cargoes to be transported within the city, based upon their volumes, frequency, radioactivity, toxicity, explosive or combustion potential, and other risk factors which the fire chief may consider appropriate; the costs of the preparation of emergency response procedure; the costs of training public safety officials to respond; and the costs of issuing the certificate of emergency transport.
   (C)   Upon receipt of the fee, the mayor or his designee shall issue a certificate of hazardous transport and the fee shall be deposited in a "hazardous materials transport emergency preparedness fund." The fund shall be disbursed for purposes related to regulation of hazardous materials transportation.
   (D)   A certificate of hazardous transport shall be valid for one (1) year.
(Ord. No. 1.85, § 7, 2-19-85)