(A)   No family member of any elected official or appointed city officer who has any authority to make any decision regarding the employment, appointment, promotion, transfer, discipline, or dismissal of any officer at any level of city government, shall be appointed to any office or employed in any position of employment with the city.
   (B)   The prohibitions in this section shall not apply to any relationship or situation that would violate the prohibition, nor (a) to full-time students working in a temporary summer position, for four (4) months or less, so long the a student is not supervised by a family member, and (b) to seasonal employment of a family member for nine (9) months or less, which employment is approved by the mayor in advance in writing.
(Ord. No. 19-94, 12-6-94; Am. Ord. No. 02-20, 2-18-20; Am. Ord. No. 15-2021, § 1, 7-6-21)