1064.01   FEES.
   (a)   Effective January 1, 1996, the Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to cause the billing of recipients of ambulance service within the Village upon the following basis:
      (1)   Resident         $250.00
      (2)   Nonresident         250.00 base rate for basic life support, plus $3.00 per mile
         (Basic life support is a unit in compliance with State emergency medical standards.)
                     400.00 flat fee for advanced life support
         (Advanced life support means cardiac monitoring, anti-shock trousers, cardiac defibrillation, establishing an airway, relieving pneumothorax and administering drugs.)
   (b)   The Village reserves the right to change or waive any portion of these charges at any time in the future. Such charges shall cover transportation, unless otherwise stated, from the emergency site to the nearest appropriate hospital and/or emergency facility.
(Ord. 1995-45. Passed 12-20-95.)