No person, other than the Fire Department, or any other official or department of the Municipality in its official capacity, shall tap or connect into, or use any water from, any fire hydrant within the Municipality, whether on or along dedicated or undedicated streets or on private property, except in the following instances:
   (a)   For the extinguishment of fires or other emergency use, under the direction of the Fire Department;
   (b)   For use in the construction of new buildings, improvements, or filling of pools and ponds, under authority of a permit obtained from the City of Cleveland Water Division (Chagrin Falls water customers will not receive a permit) and from the Building Inspector of the Municipality, who shall require a deposit of fifty dollars ($50.00) in cash for each such permit, plus the estimated cost of the water to be used. The Fire Department shall inspect the hydrant after it has been so used, and, if all equipment obtained from the Municipality for such purposes has been returned to the Municipality and if no damage has been caused by the permit holder to the hydrants or other property of the Municipality, the sum of ten dollars ($10.00), from the cash deposit, shall be returned to the permit holder, and the balance of the deposit shall be retained by the Municipality as payment for the services of the Fire Department and the Commissioner. The cost of the water shall be fully paid by the user. Should there be an excess on deposit, the balance will be returned. If any of the equipment has not been returned to the Municipality, or if there has been any damage to the hydrants or other property of the Municipality, the entire deposit shall be retained by the Municipality, and the permit holder shall still be liable to the Municipality for the amount of any damage caused by him or her in excess of the amount of the deposit.
(Ord. 1995-24. Passed 6-21-95.)