(a)   The company shall construct and maintain its structures in accordance with good standard practice and shall be liable for any damage to persons or property occasioned by improper work, maintenance or negligence. Settlement of pavement, walks, curb lawns or structures over or adjacent to recently completed work will, unless satisfactory contrary evidence is presented, be regarded as due to such work and the company responsible shall pay the cost of any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. The Village shall order such maintenance as is deemed necessary in the interest of public safety and in accordance with the terms under which such structures have been erected. Upon the failure of the company to comply with such order the Village may cause such work to be done at the expense of the company.
   (b)   The company shall furnish and maintain all lights, barricades and all other materials or appliance that may be required for the safety and protection of the public or of the workmen who may be employed on or about the work, and will save the Village harmless and free and clear of all loss of damages by reason of any negligence of failure on the part of the company to properly protect and safeguard the public or its workmen.
(Ord. 2005-12. Passed 5-24-05.)