All work done and structures built in streets and public grounds shall be under the inspection and supervision of the Village to the extent that it may deem necessary to protect the public interest. Before starting any work the company shall deposit with the Village, a satisfactory amount to cover the estimated cost of plan review inspection, supervision, restoration, refilling, repaving, repairing and any other expenses that may be incurred by the Village in connection with the proposed work. The Village may, from time to time, require that additional deposits be made if it is found that the expenses incurred will be in excess of the amount on deposit. If deposits are not made promptly on demand of the Village, all work may be stopped by order of the Village until such demands are satisfied and any expense occasioned by such delay shall be borne by the company. Any balance remaining after the completion of the work shall be refunded to the company.
(Ord. 2005-12. Passed 5-24-05.)