The plans for the work or structures of any company in the streets or public grounds shall show by scale of sufficient size to determine locations within one foot or by dimensions, the accurate location, size and depth of structures proposed to be built in relation to street lines and grade or monuments or to semipermanent structures such as curbs, sidewalks or buildings. Three copies of the plans shall be submitted to the Village Engineer for review. The Village may require that accurate surveys be made before or during construction. Pipe conduits, duct lines and water mains shall, in general, follow lines parallel to street and grade lines. Sewers shall, in general, follow lines parallel with street lines and be on a grade satisfactory to the Village. All such construction shall be at a depth satisfactory to the Village. Such construction shall not be so laid as to obstruct or reduce the size of any culvert, storm sewer or similar structure. Service connections shall, in general, be laid on lines which are radial or at right angles to street lines. Special structures shall be detailed to the satisfaction of the Village.
(Ord. 2005-12. Passed 5-24-05.)