No construction, reconstruction or maintenance work shall be done in, over or under dedicated right-of-way on streets or public grounds by any company until satisfactory plans therefor have been filed with and approved by the Village and written permits for such work are issued. Any material alternations or additions to the work must be approved by the Village and written permits secured. Where a street pavement or sidewalk is to be opened for any work, a street opening permit shall be included in those to be secured, and where a sidewalk or drive is to be replaced in connection with the work, a sidewalk permit shall be secured. After the completion of work, the company shall, if necessary, revise or file amended plans so that the final record on file with the Village shall show the correct location, size and extent of all structures constructed, relocated or removed or which otherwise are not in accord with the records prior to such work. The foregoing provisions of this section shall not apply to emergency work made necessary by accidents or other unforeseen conditions requiring immediate action to prevent damage to persons or property, but the company shall promptly report the nature and extent of any such work to the Village, shall secure the written approval of work which has been done and shall deposit the estimated cost of inspection, supervision, refilling, repairing, repaving, etc., as required by this chapter.
(Ord. 2005-12. Passed 5-24-05.)