Fire Protection
EDITOR'S NOTE: The Village contracts for fire protection and emergency medical services with the Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fireman's Association, Inc. Copies of the latest relevant legislation and contracts may be obtained, at cost, from the Village Clerk.
   There are no sections in Chapter 242. This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and any future legislation.
   Fire protection contracts - see Ohio R.C. 307.05, 505.44
   Schooling, buildings and equipment - see Ohio R.C. 715.05, 737.23 et seq.
   Composition - see Ohio R.C. 715.05, 737.21 et seq.
   General duties - see Ohio R.C. 737.11
   Appointment of fire chief and firemen - see Ohio R.C. 737.22
   Open burning - see GEN. OFF. 660.08
   Ambulance services - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1064
   Fire Prevention Code - see F.P. Ch. 1610
   Municipal Fire Safety Inspector - see F.P. 1610.04