12-1-2: PURPOSE:
The purpose and intent of this Title is to:
   A.   Establish a local policy concerning telecommunications providers and services;
   B.   Establish clear local guidelines, standards and time frames for the exercise of local authority with respect to the regulation of telecommunications providers and services;
   C.   Promote competition in telecommunications;
   D.   Minimize unnecessary local regulation of telecommunications providers and services;
   E.   Encourage the provision of advanced and competitive telecommunications services on the widest possible basis to the businesses, institutions and residents of the Village;
   F.   Permit and manage reasonable access to the public ways of the Village for telecommunications purposes on a competitively neutral basis;
   G.   Conserve the limited physical capacity of the public ways held in public trust by the Village;
   H.   Assure that the Village's current and ongoing costs of granting and regulating private access to and use of the public ways are fully paid by the persons seeking such access and causing such costs;
   I.   Secure fair and reasonable compensation to the Village and the residents of the Village for permitting private use of the public ways;
   J.   Assure that all telecommunications carriers providing facilities or services within the Village comply with the ordinances, rules and regulations of the Village;
   K.   Assure that the Village can continue to fairly and responsibly protect the public health, safety and welfare;
   L.   Enable the Village to discharge its public trust consistent with rapidly evolving Federal and State regulatory policies, industry competition and technological development. (Ord. 1-97, 2-4-1997)