A.   Graphics, Tables, And Text: The graphics, tables, and text in this title are regulatory. The graphics in this title are representations of the standards of this title and are not intended to represent every circumstance which may arise in the Village. In case of a conflict, text shall control over tables and graphics, and tables shall control over graphics.
   B.   Tense And Form: Words used in the present tense include the past and future tenses.
   C.   Number: The singular number includes the plural number, and vice versa.
   D.   Abbreviations: "n/a" is an abbreviation of "not applicable", "ft." is an abbreviation of "feet", and "sf" is an abbreviation of "square feet".
   E.   Shall And May: The word "shall" is mandatory, while the word "may" is permissive. "Shall not" and "may not" are both prohibitive.
   F.   Undefined Terms: Any words not defined in this title shall be interpreted as defined in normal dictionary usage.
   G.   Lists: Lists of examples prefaced with "including the following", "such as", or similar phrases shall not be construed to be exclusive, or preclude the Zoning Administrator from interpreting the list to include similar, unspecified examples. (Ord. 67-2018, 12-18-2018)