The provisions of this title are adopted pursuant to the authority granted to the Village by the Illinois Municipal Code. The purposes of this title are many, but foremost among these purposes are to:
   A.   Protect and promote the health, safety, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the public.
   B.   Ensure adequate light, air, open space, privacy, and access to property.
   C.   Implement the goals and objectives of the Village's Comprehensive Plan and the other land use policies of the Village.
   D.   Maintain and promote orderly land use patterns and development.
   E.   Facilitate the provision of adequate public services and infrastructure.
   F.   Protect the Village's quality of life and the character of its neighborhoods by ensuring that development is compatible and cohesive.
   G.   Protect and enhance the taxable value of land, buildings, and structures.
   H.   Promote development that sustainably manages environmentally sensitive issues.
   I.   Define the responsibilities of the Village's administrative bodies and establish procedures for the effective use of the provisions of this title. (Ord. 67-2018, 12-18-2018)