A.   Vehicle Accident Or Vandalism: In the case of a vehicular accident or vandalism, where a Village-owned tree, shrub, perennial, turf, etc., are damaged or removed, fines will be charged according to the percentage of damage to such asset or tree appraisal.
   B.   Attachments: No person shall attach any object (bird feeder or house, paint, poster, nails, rope, sign, squirrel guards, swing, wire, etc.) to a Village-owned tree, shrub, perennial, turf, etc.
   C.   Fines: First offense, five hundred dollars ($500.00); second offense, one thousand dollars ($1,000.00); third and subsequent offense, two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00).
   D.   Appraised Value: If catastrophic injury is incurred or the aesthetics of the tree are deemed poor from damage, then the appraised value fine will be put into effect.
   E.   Lien: If the entity or person cannot pay the fines and fees, a lien shall be placed against their property. (Ord. 32-2019, 5-28-2019)