A.   For the purposes of this document, the term "parkway" is defined as the unpaved land within a public right of way parallel and adjacent to the roadway. "Right-of-way" is a strip of land acquired by reservation, dedication, forced dedication, prescription or condemnation and intended to be occupied by a road, railroad, electric transmission lines, oil or gas pipeline, water line, sanitary storm sewer, and other similar uses.
   B.   The parkway shall consist of grass, except where covered by driveway pavement. A minimum of one (1) parkway tree per forty feet (40') of frontage is required.
   C.   The use of loose stone, rock or gravel is prohibited on public parkways.
   D.   Other than trees, no other landscape plants shall be planted.
   E.   The Village shall require that any Contractor, working for the Village who may interact or have impact on the Village public property urban forest must utilize a certified arborist for all work pertaining to trees, including but not limited to removal, pruning and planting activities and follow insurance policies set forth by the Village.
(Ord. 32-2019, 5-28-2019; amd. Ord. 30-2023, 6-20-2023)