32.01   Fiscal year
   32.02   Public funds defined
   32.03   Proposed budget statement; contents; availability; correction
   32.04   Revision of budget
   32.05   Fiscal management; proposed budget statement; hearing; adoption: certification of tax amount
   32.06   Adopted budget statement; filing; certification of amount of tax
   32.07   Expenditures prior to adoption of budget
   32.08   Fiscal management; budget procedure
   32.09   Fiscal management; appropriations
   32.10   Property tax; certification of amount
   32.11   Expenditures
   32.12   Fiscal management; contracts and purchases; bidding and other requirements
   32.13   Annual audit
   32.14   Fiscal management; claims
   32.15   Fiscal management; warrants
   32.16   Transfer of funds
   32.17   Special assessment fund
   32.18   Sinking funds
   32.19   General Fund
   32.20   Fiscal management; deposit of funds
   32.21   Certificates of deposit; time deposits; conditions
   32.22   Investment of funds
   32.23   Bond issues
   32.24   Property tax levy; maximum; authority to exceed
   32.25   Fiscal management; property tax levy and request; authority to set
   32.26   Credit cards and electronic funds transfers; authority to accept
   32.27   Fiscal management; sales and use tax