(A)   Street trees may be planted in the tree lawn where there is more than six feet between the edge of the sidewalk and the curb of the street. Street trees shall be planted no closer than three feet from a sidewalk, driveway, or street.
   (B)   No street tree, hedge, or shrubbery shall interfere with the vision of motorists or adjacent property holders. On corner lots in residential districts, a triangular area adjacent to each street intersection shall be maintained wherein nothing shall be erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow in such a manner as to materially impede vision between a height of two and one-half feet and ten feet above the centerline grades of the intersecting streets. The triangular area shall be bounded by the street lines of such corner lots and a line joining points on said street lines which points are 50 feet from the point of intersection of said streets.
   (C)   No street tree shall be planted closer than ten feet from any fire hydrant.
   (D)   Special permission must be obtained from the Tree Board or the community forest manager when planting street trees within ten feet of any point on a line or the ground immediately below any overhead utility wire, or within five lateral feet of any underground water line, sewer lines, transmission line, or other utility.
(Prior Code, § 8-504)  (Ord. 597, passed 12-19-1994)  Penalty, see § 93.999