The governing body shall notify the owners in fee simple of real estate abutting a street, alley, or a part thereof which is to be put under contract for paving or repaving. Notice shall also be given to all gas, electric service, and telephone companies. Notice shall also be given to all consumers of gas, water, and sewer services which will be discontinued during such construction. Said notice shall be published one time in a legal newspaper at least 20 days prior to the beginning of such construction by the party undertaking such construction and said notice shall state at what date connections must be made and excavation completed. All gas, water, sewer, and underground connections must be made prior to the paving or repaving of the street under construction. After expiration of such time, permits for excavation will not be issued, nor will excavation be allowed, until after the completion of the pavement in said street or alley, and the formal final acceptance thereof by the proper officials of the municipality.
(Prior Code, § 8-307)